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3 Ways Your Location Affects Your Career and Finance Prospects

Having a purposeful direction in our career requires many different areas of consideration. One of those key decisions is deciding on a location in which we would like to start or continue our professional journey.

Are you finding that the area you currently live in is not affording you the opportunities of success in your career that you thought it would? Whether you live in a large city or a small suburban town, you may find that your environment is not giving you the tools you need in order to succeed. In this article, we are going to discuss how to identify a lucrative location to ensure you are accomplishing every aspect of your envisioned career success. How is something like that measured? We believe that considering three key points regarding your location can significantly increase your chances to attain all of your career goals - Resource Proximity, Network Building, & Financial Effectiveness. Read on to dive deeper into why these key factors can contribute to your path to success.

Resource Proximity

Resource availability is a crucial aspect to consider when finding your perfect career location. Consider what your goals are. What tools will you need in order to achieve your vision of success? It’s important to identify what is available to you in your current location. What is the job market like where you live? It’s very possible to be living in an area with minimal employment openings or the type of career path you have chosen doesn’t have the scalable opportunities you are looking for. Are the types of companies you are looking to work for located in your area? You potentially may want to work for a large, established company with multiple levels of management and growth capability that may not currently be available to you. These are just some examples of Resource Proximity that may require you to relocate to another area in order to succeed. If you find you’re hitting roadblocks finding a job in your area where you can envision success for yourself, you may want to think about expanding your horizons to other regions with a higher success probability.

Network Building

Network Building is crucial when it comes to the professional world. While you can network build in-person or remotely, it’s important to explore your industry networking opportunities based on where you live. Are there meet-ups in your area for the type of work you do? Are there networking events you can attend for professionals? If you find that your current location does not afford these opportunities, would you be willing to start networking events yourself? These are all questions to consider when finding your ideal career location. Networking can pave your path to success with the right research where you’d like to reside.

Financial Effectiveness

While resource proximity and network building are both extraordinarily important in searching for the right city or town for your career success, your location must also make financial sense. Are your potential earnings going to allow you to live the lifestyle you desire? Does your area have high taxes? What is the current trend in the housing and rental market in that area? You also have to consider the safety of the community you're living in and commute time, as well. Is there constant traffic congestion elongating your commute or hindering you from on-time work arrival? Does the city seem to be implementing initiatives to keep the residents safe and crime data trending downwards? If you don’t own a vehicle, is there good public transportation that’s affordable? It seems rational to work where you live, but there are multiple variables to consider, and having a longer commute with less expense may be the right option for you.

Overall, the right location will play a major role in your career success. If you do your due diligence by taking the time out to research and use these suggested guidelines, rest assured you will be on your way to achieving the career goals you have envisioned for yourself and your life!

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