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A Basic Overview of Common Employee Benefits

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Video Transcript:

Hey, yo, here, Ben green here with Ben in green, calm, I get a little bit loud, but it's all good. Today I'm here of course to optimize your career, your location, and your finances. And, of course, one big thing is that we want to talk about your just your overall employee benefits. Okay, so, of course, you have health insurance, which is usually the main thing you got to worry about.

And it's the main thing that can really like hit you in the in the pocketbook, if you will. So you want to make sure you can get as low a premium as possible, but also as low a deductible as possible. With health insurance. Of course, dental insurance, vision insurance can be important. If you're not going to have anything major done in terms of dental insurance, you may not need it that particular year. But normally, if you're with a regular company, for both dental and vision insurance, it's really, really cheap actually to keep it so a lot of times you can keep it without a problem. Life Insurance, a lot of times on the corporate side, you're going to be offered life insurance through your company as a term life policy. You should absolutely max that out until you're about 55 years old, at the very least because that's that's going to be the cheapest possible plans you can get okay? If your company does offer supplemental life insurance is a voluntary life insurance to max it out. You should absolutely take a look at that. But you should also take a look on the on the individual marketplace to see if you can get cheaper life insurance by yourself. All right. Last things are Disability Insurance protecting your paycheck. Make sure you do that. Make sure you certainly take a look at a disability short term if you don't have a lot of money in the bank, the long term pretty much everybody needs unless you have like a million dollars in the bank. Okay. And that's because you may lose your your paycheck you may lose your ability to make an earning if you are disabled for a long time. So make sure you get that long term disability covered. And that's about it. Y'all look forward to doing the webinar coming up here. And if you have any other questions or you need want to dig into your personal situation, go to Ben in Thank you.

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