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New Job? Negotiating Your Employee Benefits

As more and more companies are choosing to return to the office, positions across all industries seem to be opening making it the perfect time to find a job or maybe embark on a new career path. One thing to keep in mind when you're starting that new job is the importance of negotiating your employee benefits. Many people oftentimes take jobs and don't even know what benefits they could be receiving. Check out my latest Youtube video to learn some of my tips when it comes to negotiating your employee benefits.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Ben green here, founder of insurance advantage and creator for Ben in green comm where we're here to optimize your career, your location, and your finances. And today, I want to talk a little bit about folks that when you're when you're first getting a new job, negotiating those benefits. So the first and most important thing is to understand and get in writing, what the benefits are actually going to be at the company, you'd be surprised how many folks are taking jobs and they've never actually seen a copy of the benefits and seeing like, what they're actually going to be benefiting from as far as health insurance, life insurance, all the you know, all the retirement accounts, etc. from that company. So first most important thing is get your benefits in writing. Second, really important thing that a lot of folks are not asked about is when is my health insurance actually going to start. So all companies are different, actually, some companies will start immediately in terms of health insurance, some will wait 30 days, some wait 60 days. So I'm gonna wait actually up to 90 days to start your health insurance. So you need to talk with your HR manager and understand when your insurance is actually going to start. And if you are going to have a gap in insurance from one job to another or from starting you know, from from going from the optimum for an entrepreneurial venture to a job, you need to understand what that gap is going to be because you can get short term health insurance that will cover that gap. Okay, so that's really important. Understanding when your health insurance benefits are going to start. The other really important thing that a lot of folks do not think about is when will my 401k participation or whatever my retirement account is waiting for their participation to start. Some companies once again, they have a waiting period, that waiting period could be 30 days, it can be 90 days, some companies have a waiting period of one year. So you need to make sure you really understand when your retirement account, access is going to start. And when you can start putting in money and also, when is your company going to start putting in money for you that you're invested in from from day one once they put it in? So those are all really important things, get a copy of your benefits, find out when your health insurance is going to start and then find out when your retirement benefits are going to start.

If you're still feeling uncertain about your employee benefits or would like to know more about your companies specific benefits, book a review session with me today! Click the link below to schedule a time.

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