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The Hidden Costs of Moving To A New City

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Moving to a new city is a new experience in itself. Let me help ensure you pick the city perfect for you by providing some tips on hidden things you need to take a look at beforehand. Check out my latest Youtube video to learn more!

Video Transcript

- Hey y'all Ben green here, co founder of insurance Vantage and creator of Ben in green calm or we're here to optimize your career, your location and your finances. And I was out walking my dog today. And, of course, want to make sure you don't step in anything when you're walking your dog and other folks may have left stuff around. So in that same vein, when you're moving to a new city, there are several hidden things you need to take a look at and make sure you don't step in it. So right off the bat, the first thing you need to take a look at when you're moving to a new city is your taxes, you know, are you going to be taxed out of your gourd basically, when you're when you're moving into a new city, or the municipal taxes or their state taxes you are not aware of? Are there additional sort of city taxes you're not aware of, you need to make sure you understand what the tax situation is, before you move to a new city and buy a new home, you get your job, you buy a car, whatever it is, you need to understand taxes. The other thing you need to take a look at is are things like crime, for example. So even if you're not a victim of violent crime, for example, if property crimes are really high, and folks are, you know, breaking into your house, breaking into your car, every other month or whatever, like I have a few of my my friends and some other cities with things like this are happening, you need to make sure that that's not going to happen in whatever city you're going to be moving to. Or maybe you make a few adjustments as far as where you actually locate within that city. The other thing you always need to take a look at is you know, in terms of hidden cost is are you going to be paying more for certain things like electricity, for example, or, or transportation, gas, whatever. So you the best way to really kind of figure out what may be hidden in the city is to go visit that city. And so my optimum, my my I guess my optimum recommendation, best recommendation for making sure that nothing is being hidden. When you before you move to the city before you relocate to the city as go visit that city for at least two nights, walk around town, go to the parks, go to the restaurants talk to the locals. Go by where you think you may be working, for example, go through some neighborhoods, and really get a good idea for where you're moving before you move there. Hopefully, this has been look forward to working with y'all some more. If you have any questions about your specific situation. Make sure to hit me up on my website and have a great week.

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