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Why I Chose To Move to Nashville, TN

Moving to Nashville was a big step in my life. I decided to move not only because of the entertainment and areas for family but also because of one other important reason. Check out my latest YouTube video to learn more about why I chose to move to Nashville, TN.

Video Transcript:

Ben Green here with And of course, today I'm here to optimize your career, your location and your finances. And of course, I want to talk a little bit about the decision to move to Nashville, Nashville, I apologize for the noise a little bit there. So um, so of course, it's it's important to, you know, go to a place that has some stuff going on this dynamic, has maybe some opportunities for your family, for entertainment, etc. But it's also really important to consider the taxes that you're going to be paying or not paying when you move to a new city. And it's really important to consider, you know, career prospects and business prospects down the line. So when I was looking at Nashville, or for my family, of course, you know, there's some entertainment options of course there. But the big thing that really struck me was that Tennessee has no state income tax. So if you're looking to you know, move to any kind of state there about seven states out there that do not require any sort of state income tax in Tennessee was one of them. And that makes a big difference that can make you know, 10,20 $30,000 difference in your paycheck essentially, every year, if you don't have to pay state income tax, also, the residential taxes were very low compared to some of the other places I've lived before. So that's, that was a really cool thing that I you know, I were able to take advantage of starting now. The other really interesting thing and an important thing for your prospects, especially depending on the industry that you're in, are the career prospects and kind of the industry and growth prospects for that city basically, and for the industries in the city. So in Nashville, for example, has a lot of it has a lot of entertainment actually has more manufacturing and a lot of interesting retail opportunities, etc. They're interesting for a general person and for me, on the on the insurance side and financial service side, a lot of people with disposable income. So that's kind of how it helped us make a decision. If you want any more information, certainly tune in to the web webinars that we're going to be doing in August. And also please tune in to my courses that are going to be coming out and of course, if you want some personal time to talk about your particular situation, whether it's a city whether it is you can move into a you know a new state, whether you're going to you need to take a look at your you know, individual insurance, finances, etc. Please hit me up iminium green calm and have a great day. Thank you.

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